Monday, March 31, 2008

Precious Crystal...

As a child, I grew up hearing "Be careful. You'll fall and break your crystal." I don't quite know if that is "country talk", "Gasch talk", "Bell talk", or just "old people talk". My friends think it is funny. They laugh that about it, debating whether its dirty or silly and ponder the deep meaning of a person's crystal.

Anyway, I use the same phrase with my daughters. And they take it as seriously, as I did as a child. I mean, who would ever want to break their crystal, right?

Last night, the family was saying their nightly prayers....God bless Mommy, Daddy, Nana and Papa, Jacob, Emily, Gracie, Grandma and Grandpa, our friends...etc. etc. etc. You get the picture...these heartfelt prayers can last forever. Well, Kaytlynn, Todd, and I had already prayed. Delaney started in...Thank you for ______ and ______. You get the picture. Then she goes into, "please help people not break bones or their crystals...We love you and Jesus, AMEN.

Todd and I grabbed each others hands so hard and we were both shaking in the dark, from laughing so hard, trying to keep quiet, so that poor Delaney wouldn't hear us. I hope I never forget Delaney praying for every one's crystals...whatever they are!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What is Up with the Northrup's

Delaney is getting picky...even more than usual. Todd and I have decided that she is going to have to find a very patient, wealthy man when it is time to get married. She is still into making up songs. It's very funny to hear her really high pitched voice.

Kaytlynn is still awaiting her tooth to come out. She doesn't play with it, so I think it will take some time. She now has a second tooth loose as well. She is now up to 70 sight words and is getting really excited about reading her guided reading books by herself. It is so fun to watch her!

We went up to see my parents last week and weekend for Spring Break and it was so good seeing everyone. Baby Jacob is now 9 and one day, he is not going to appreciate the fact that his aunt still refers to him as Baby Jacob, but he still allows me to give him hugs and kiss the top of his flat top, so Baby Jacob he remains. He had an indoor swimming party, and all the kids had a blast since it has been forever since they have been swimming. They have a beautiful aquatic family center just 15 minutes from their house. My parents are doing well. Lisa was well when we were there, but now has the flu. Emily is just so official with everything. She is going to be a great mother...she loves cleaning, and running around with her note pads taking notes! Grace and I hit it off wonderfully this time. She not only let me hold her for the first time (only took 3 years to do it), but she kept coming back. She also liked me playing "Ride a Little Pony" with her, reading to her, tickling her and playing "steamroller" where I get on the floor and literally roll right on top of her! It was so much fun to be in Grace's good graces...and I hope I stay there.

Todd got a bonus...YAY!!! It was 3 weeks salary, so we are quite excited about that little treat and he gets his new raise in 2 weeks.

I am just anxiously awaiting summer, so that I can play with my babies all day.

Right now, I would like the cleaning fairy to visit my house as it looks like a tornado came through it. I hate it when my house is messy, and I just didn't have time to get to it today, so it will have to wait until tomorrow, because I am ready to go to bed!

Battle of the Books

We had our yearly Battle of the Books competition and my team didn't win, but we did do quite well. Our team name was The Shining Spurs and the members were Chandrelle, Raenelle, Giselle, Tori and Kristina. They are not your typical bookworms and know how to have a lot of fun and take life as it comes. They even had a slumber party the night before the competition and stayed up till 2 in the morning. Silly girls. I am glad the competition is over. Its fun, and I even fought to keep it, when they tried to get rid of it a few years ago, but you can get burned out staying after school 3 days a week practicing with them.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Longest Book Ever

I just completed the longest book I have ever read. 973 pages to be exact. I read and listened to the audio of Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. I did this so that I would finish it as quickly as possible. I get lost if I take too long reading a book. It was well worth my time. It takes place about 1000 years ago. It is about a master builder who wants to build and eventually does, Cathedrals. It deals with all the politics from the church and government of the time. It also takes you into their homes, their beds, their minds. What a brutal time to live.

The book is staying in my mind and I think it will for some time. It is not as deep as people were making it seem (which is why it took me so long to even try to read it). Just long...and thoughtful. So if you have been putting it off for the same reason...dig in.

It has a sequel called Ends of the Earth (I think that is what it is called)...and it is supposed to be just as magnificent. I plan on reading it, but it is just as long, so I think I will do more fluffy reading and tackle it this summer.

Delaney is Going to Have a Baby!

Yes. She informed me a couple of weeks ago that she is going to have a baby. It is inside her right now. It's a girl. She is pink (of course), and her name is Coco Calypso. Pretty eccentric, huh. Eccentric idea from an eccentric child.

Mystery Meltdown at the Dentist

So, last Monday Todd took the girls to the dentist. They have been before and it went without a hitch. They did what they were told, were pleasant, and had a great time. This time we weren't so lucky.

Todd woke up that morning and asked Kaytlynn if she was ready for the dentist. She said very nonchalantly "no". No biggie, Todd thought. He got the girls ready, gave them breakfast and drove to the dentist. Nothing else peculiar has happened, except for the no. He signs her in and the nurse and Todd decide Kaytlynn should go first to again reassure Delaney (who can sometimes be a bit shy) that it is no big deal. The nurse looks at Kaytlynn and says "are you ready to go back". Kaytlynn says "no". Just so you know...she doesn't tell us no...I mean she NEVER tells us no, but Todd realizes she is a bit scared, so he says Kaytlynn lets go back there so the Dr. can look at your teeth. He isn't going to do anything but look, and then Kaytlynn starts to SCREAM. As in, like a feral animal, scream. She is shaking, her eyes are dilating, she has tears running down her face. She is terrified. The thing is...we don't know why. She at this point, is too freaked out to say anything, and Delaney is not getting in that chair now, so Todd leaves with the girls in tow.

Fast forward to that evening. Mum is still the word from Kaytlynn on why she wouldn't cooperate and we decide not to push it. I'm doing school work with her and she smiles at me. I notice one of her front teeth look a little discolored. I tell her to smile again and she looks at me funny. I reach out to touch the tooth....and its loose. BINGO BANGO! I said Kaytlynn, your front tooth is loose. She sort of smiled, giggled and cried all at the same time. I asked if that was why she had her meltdown and she said yes. She was nervous for the next 5 minutes...very giggly and had tears in her eyes. I told her I was happy and she said..."You are?" and she began to relax a little.

She knew about losing your teeth, but I think she was caught off guard by it. That, and she had damaged her front teeth before, and I told her not to wiggle them so they could "replant" themselves".

Anyway...the truth is...I lied to her. I am so not happy. Not at all. I cried that night because again, I was hit with the reality that my baby girl is getting to be so big.

I'm not happy, but I am thankful. I am thankful she is healthy. I am thankful she is growing up "normally". I am thankful she is happy about her loose tooth. But most of all, I am thankful God gave her to me...for this moment in time.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Clothes Dryer!

I now have 2 clothes dryers! My parents were here this weekend, and while they were here, Todd decided to have my dad help him hook up the new dryer in the garage, since he knows how to do electrical "stuff". Its hooked up and going.

Some might think it is silly that I have 2, but my life is so busy right now with babies, church and work, that I always seem to be behind. I am hoping that this helps me in that area!

Mayday Mayday

Todd, the girls and I were driving to the funeral this week and we were traveling on the downside part of the hill on an wasn't even that steep. It is quiet...I'm listening to a book on tape, Todd is just busy driving and the girls are being quiet. All of a sudden you hear Delaney "MAYDAY MAYDAY....WE'RE GOING DOWN".

Someone has been watching too many cartoons. I was at Sam's the other day and saw a compilation of some really old cartoons...the old Popeye's, Tom and Jerry's, Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester and Tweety, and Superman. 350 hours. Well the girls absolutely love them...and this is where Delaney heard the phrase.

Todd and I started dying laughing. When it died down, Kaytlynn looked at Delaney and said "You were supposed to say....Mayday, Mayday, Abort, Abort...we're going down." They listen to everything they hear, don't they!

Busy week...

My Uncle Mike passed away on Tuesday. Lisa called me while I was at work. I worked half of Wed, then picked Delaney up at Carmen's, and picked up Kaytlynn from school. We went to the viewing
Wednesday night. It was at the Funeral home in Clute that we used for my grandmother. I drove home back to Houston that night, and Todd joined all of us on Thursday. His funeral was at 10:00 am. After the funeral we went to Oyster Creek Baptist Church and the members of the church supplied us with lunch. It was really nice of them.
Aunt Barbara really looks sad. I am scared as to what she is going to be like when everyone leaves. Its not just that she is sad. She lost her son Terry, and her mother, and I have seen her in both of those situations. She just looked...done...this week. Tired doesn't even describe it. I plan on taking the girls down to see her after Spring Break to check up on her.