Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday...From a Terrible Mom

Can I just say that sometimes I feel like deserve to be punished for my mother sins? Kaytlynn's birthday is in August. Delaney's is in January. They both JUST celebrated their birthdays...on my birthday this year. That's right...May 29th. Kaytlynn's birthday party continued to be postponed because my mom had to work, or my sister's kids were sick, or my dad had to work, or I had tutoring. Sometimes its very hard to get everyone in the family down to Houston on the same weekend. Well, before you know it...its Christmas! We planned on Delaney's to be in January but bad weather occurred. Then the kids got sick, then the gymnastics place she wanted it at was booked for a month...then TAKS season came. I must say, both children were as patient as Job and to make it up to Kaytlynn, I promised her a 24 hour sleep over with whoever she wanted! She was all over that. Delaney got an extra hour at the gym and we all settled on May 29th...not on my birthday on purpose...its just how it all came together. So on May 27th, my sister and her children came into town. On May 28th we started the party at 6:00...We had Kayla Green (my boss's daughter), Brenna Fricks (church friend), Lianna and Whitley Hunt (school friends) Jacob, Emily and Grace Nevin over for the fun. We let them make crafts and play on their new swing set their Daddy put together (with the help of my dad) and then we had hot dogs and moved on to cake. We opened presents and then the girls did more crafts and got into the finger nail polish. By abouta 9:15 Liana and Whitley went home and the rest stayed for movie and snack time. I think the snack time part was their favorite. We had 5 or more types of cola, candy, trail mix, etc. and let the girls just have carte blanche. They were COMPLETELY into this! By 12:30 they were all asleep on the living room floor. May 29th...they were up by 8:30 and ready for their breakfast of homemade waffles. My parents arrived EARLY that morning and everyone just did their own thing until 3:00 when we took all the girls to the Gymnasium...which is where Delaney's party began. They ran and jumped around like wild Indians for 2 hours, then we had snacks cake and presents. Thankfully, my children were very happy with their parties but I must say...I hope and will do my very best to ensure this never happens again. Its one of the many reasons I will be very happy to be working less this coming school year.


My girls love doing crafts, whether it requires, fabric, glue, foam, stickers, colors, beads or paint. And the great thing is that I enjoy doing it with them. It has to be quick for Delaney to like it as much but its fun when you find something that you all like to do together.

Kaytlynn's slumber party was coming up back in May and she wanted a "snow" party. I found these adorable head bopper head bands. So we put them together, so that they could use them as the birthday party hats.

2010 Tomatoes

Todd planted 8 tomato plants with the girls this year and to spice things up, he also added banana peppers.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Delaney's Graduation

Most of you know that we started homeschooling this year. We have a large group of homeschooling families in the area that puts different things together for homeschool families. All the way from play dates, chess club, study groups, class parties for Valentines day etc. to graduation ceremonies. So thankful that my friend Dana got me to join. The girls have enjoyed the outings, meeting other homeschool families, etc.

We had practice the day before at the church in Magnolia. We all enjoyed a picnic on the grounds where I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend Anne. Anne came right to my table introduced herself and all 9 of her kids. Can you imagine. They were such a happy family and her only 2 daughters (so yes...7 boys) happily played with my two. We enjoyed their company so much that we invited them to our birthday party coming up!

The next day we celebrated graduation. It was a great ceremony. The kids sang 3 songs as a choir, then each parent was able to go on stage, call their child's name and say something to their child and then hand them a diploma. Delaney didn't show her usual nerves at all. She was sooo proud of herself. She smiled, sang louder than almost all of them and just shocked us all with her ability to stand in front of everyone on stage by herself and not hide behind me, like she usually does!

Kaytlynn at the Picnic

Delaney...the sun was in her eyes!
Delaney's show off table (Her Art project= tree mosaic, favorite toy= bluefadoodle Webkinz, pic of Delaney, and photo album of her life)

Playing with her tassel

Ethan and Delaney, school mate and best friend

Kaytlynn spinning her new pretty dress...she likes to watch the tiers of the dress fly.

Still spinning

Todd's parents came

Coming in to Pomp and Circumstance

I thought this was such a cute pic of Delaney's praying hands

Delaney singing loud and proud...They Sang Jesus Loves Me; Jesus Loves the Little Children; and John 3:16

Giving Delaney her diploma

So Proud

Balloon Release