Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow in Houston...

So last year it snowed in Houston. A real snow. It snowed for maybe 4 hours and the kids ran around scooping it up with their hands, licking it off of unclean things, throwing snow, catching it on their eye get the idea.

I told them to really enjoy it, because it probably wouldn't snow like that again when they were still kids. I had lived here for 35 years and have never seen it stick like that...

Well...They are probably thinking I'm a liar, because it snowed again. They closed school down at 11:00. I was home by 12:00...I ran in, got my camera and ran over to Dana's to take pics of the kids. They looked wonderful out there in her backyard...They were giggling, laughing, screaming, singing. An absolutely magical moment. Dana was knitting hats as quickly as she could, so that they would all have one...even though the girls had hats attached to jackets, she had Kaytlynn in one that had been knitted that day! Jeff was already home, and he made a coffee run and even bought me one! It was a caramel something and it was yummy! I brought Cocoa for the kids and Dana hauled out the marshmallows.

It snowed more this year than I have ever seen...even more than last year. The flurries would come in huge gusts where they were thick and everywhere in the air. The sad news is that it wouldn't stay cold enough for them to actually they just had a slushy mess on the ground to play with. We are lucky that they are kids, because this really didn't matter to was as good of a snow day as any.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Special Night...

So the girls are playing dress up and strutting their stuff around the house. We try to get the girls to drink a little milk and lots of water and almost nothing else. Delaney comes into our kitchen in my high heels looking like a child streetwalker and says "May I have some cranberry juice please"....she pauses and then says "because it is a special night". I ask her what makes tonight special to her..."Because we are going to watch a new movie".

Its the little things that make it special for her...or is it just that she's a darn cute manipulator? Its okay. She got the watered down cranberry juice. She deserved it for making me smile, on not such a good day. Which is something she is very good at!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Girls Try it Again...

We went to Collin Green's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's. Someone asked me if they had a good time and I you have to ask???? They had a ball, but while we were there Kayla invited the girls to spend the night. We allowed them to do so....wondering if dear Delaney would make it. She told us that she thought that she would...well, I texted Robbie and he said they were behaving wonderfully (YAY!!!). They took the girls to IHOP and watched the movie Elf. I texted him again at about 10:00 and this is what it looked like...

10:11 Me : Are they asleep? I'm seeing if Delaney is gonna make it?
10:12 Robbie: Not yet but working on it
10:15 Me: Would it be good for me to call adn say good night or make it worse?
10:27 Me Did you get my last message?

I wait a few minutes and try to answer. I tell Todd I am getting worried. He giggles.
10:43 Me: Getting everything ok?
I call several times leaving a answer
10:48 Me: R U there?

I tell Todd to get in the car...he of course takes a million years to get ready with his finger up his nose...I have to get my jacket...I have to get my shoes on....I have to go to the bathroom. I told Todd I was leaving him...I knew it was that he wasn't worried and thought I was being crazy....

He finally speeds up, I get the car started and call one last time answer. But then Robbie calls back. I tell him we are on our way...he says "WHAT???" I tell him we've been worried...and he explains that he put his phone on vibrate, so that it wouldn't wake anyone, but that he was watching a movie with the girls and that he fell asleep accidentally. That Delaney was the only one up. I ask if he wants me to come get her...he said it was okay either way. I tell him to ask her and he hands the phone over to her. She says she can't go to sleep, so I continue down the road to go pick her up.

She at least didn't WANT to go home, but just couldn't go to sleep, so eventually we will get there! Right??? Thank you again Robbie, for watching the girls for us. We had a nice evening and I know that my girls did too. And you didn't even laugh at me for being a crazy mom!


We went to my in-laws house on Friday night. Kevin, Marcia, and Justin came down from Michigan. Marcella and Juliana were there and the girls played with them the whole time. We had Hamburgers, homemade chocolate chip , rice crispy treats.

We stayed home Saturday t(Todd worked), Sunday and Monday to clean and get a few Christmas things down. We drove up on Wed. morning to Corinth where my sister lives. We did nothing but play around.

We didn't have Thanksgiving on Thursday because my mom worked that day, But on Friday, we did. I made Cherry salad, candied yams, and brown and served Hawaiian rolls and that is it. They don't trust me with anything else, & I don't like all the pressure, so I am okay with that list! My sister did green beans, green bean casserole, and other veggies, my mother made the turkey and fruit salad, pumpkin pie and pecan pie.

It was all yummy! But the best part was just spending time together. We brought the Wii and it was used all week, but especially by Jacob and Todd. One night, Mother, Lisa and I played Mexican Train (domino game) and I do believe that this game is becoming some type of tradition with us as we have been playing it for about 2 years now. My parents have never been game players, but all of a sudden my mother has decided this is fun. The day before we left, we even got my dad to play bowling on the wii with us. This was a fun surprise! My mother likes to do this game as well.

We drove home late Sunday night. It was full of traffic and such, so it took us about 7 hours to get fun, but well worth the week. To add to the drama, Kaytlynn got car sick from watching too many movies and threw up several times. It was of course in the middle of no where, so there was nothing to do, but we were luckily prepared with towels, bucket, and drinks, etc. so it wasn't as bad as it COULD have been, but still....not exactly a prime driving experience.