Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

My parents came into town on Wed. evening and left Thursday morning to Cecil Lane's and then to Aunt Barbara's. Todd, the girls and I went to Barbara's on Friday afternoon. It was the first car trip that we had problems with Kaytlynn asking "are we almost there"? a million times! Drove us crazy, I tell ya!

We went to the skating rink that night and Kaytlynn skated for her 2nd time in her life and it was Delaney's first time ever on the skates. Kaytlynn takes to it naturally. At first, she would fall over and over and over again. Each time saying "I'm okay" and giving a thumbs up. As the evening progressed, she just fell less and less.

Delaney likes it, but is much more timid at it and it doesn't come as easy to her. She finally realised everyone was passing her up and told my mother she didn't want to do it anymore. So she hung out at the edge of the rink and would put her hand out for people to give her a high five as they skated passed. At first, only a few people did it, but after about 5 minutes...EVERYONE was doing it and it gave her so much joy! My mother finally spotted a toddler that was about 2 years old, out on the floor, and told Delaney "you can skate WAYYYYY faster than her"...Delaney didn't say anything and just smiled and started skating again. She ended up calling herself Lightning McQeen!

Todd and I actually skated on Saturday. It took us a while to get used to it...since the last time I skated, I broke my arm in about a million places. Wow, it made me feel old! We were so tired that we went to bed at about midnight that night and slept in till 11:30 the next morning. I told everyone that I think it was the first time I had done that since I got married!

We went back to the rink on Saturday and the girls had a ball again. We left on Sunday morning and came back home. We stayed up late playing bowling on the wii. Daddy caught some bug and spent the night dozing on the couch...I felt bad for him.

Its Monday now and Momma and Daddy just left about 30 minutes ago...without waking the girls to tell them goodbye. I told my mother that I am going to be in big trouble when they see that they left. She gave me 2 dollar bills and said to give it to if that will work!!!! We shall see!~