Monday, April 4, 2011

Kaytlynn's First Pinewood Derby

Kaytlynn is in AWANA at Spring Baptist and each year the T and T kids (ages 8-12) have a Pinewood Derby race. The kids are basically given a block of wood, 4 separate wheels and told to shape it into a car. You hope in the end that your car either makes it first to the finish line, looks really good, or both :-) Kaytlynn is really into Star Wars, so that is the theme she used for her car. Todd searched all over the internet and I grabbed a few books on the cars for ideas. She did everything herself that she possibly could....right down to using the drill! Todds dad used his saw to cut it in the shape she chose. For design she chose black with sparkly glitter. She cut out her favorite star wars pictures and adhered them, and the end result looked really good. She competed against about 40 cars. There are 4 lanes on the ramp and they give your car a turn on each lane...she won all 4 heats! Then the top 4 cars race again and she won that too. We have been calling her speed racer ever since. She was able to bring Kayla Green to the race and Delaney, Kaytlynn and Kayla were so excited with each race that they would hold hands, scream and jump up and down. It was a great night. I think Kaytlynn's favorite thing about it was that she received her 1st trophy and she is quick to tell people that too! Love my baby girl and so proud of and for her.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Delaney's Daughters...

When Delaney was little she would tell people she was going to have a pink baby and her name would be Cocoa Calypso.

Delaney has grown and matured. Now she knows that she isn't pregnant yet...but that she will be one day. She knows she won't have a pink baby and she knows Cocoa Calypso is not a great name. She chose 2 much more appropriate names for when she has 2 daughters. Betty White and Josephina.

Here is to hoping for a very open minded future husband.

Mexican Delaney...

Delaney has decided she wants to be a Mexican when she gets older. I tried to explain what a Mexican was; she didn't get it :-) I asked if she knew any Mexicans. The obvious ones would be Mrs. Carmen or Chris Gonzales, but no. She chose Mrs. Kim. Blue eyed, strawberry red haired, Irish skinned Kimmie.

Each day she asks if her outfit looks Mexican, she lives on tortillas, and now wants the American Girl doll Josephina.

Its one of those times where the age old Motto "you can be ANYTHING you want to be" just ISN'T true.

Spring Break...San Antonio

For Spring Break we headed over to San Antonio. Todd took the week off, so it really was a nice little vacation. We stayed with Cousin Buddy and Nancy. They have a house that is less than 30 minutes from Fiesta Texas, Sea World and most other S.A. attractions, so its free and convenient. Their pool is larger than most the ones at most hotels isn't bad in the kids eyes either!

The first night there we played spades. We always try to play a few games when we go to visit. They play with domino cards. Ive never seen them anywhere but there, but they work out quite nicely with Buddy's shaking hands. I am not used to using them...and I set them up to far from the edge, so that the people on my left and right have a perfect view of my hand.

We took the girls to Natural Bridge Caverns. They had never been to the cave and it had been a good 20 years since I had. It is as cool as I remember it. We enjoyed looking at the stalagmites and stalactites. ...A cool way to remember which is which...a stalagmite MIGHT reach the ceiling. A stalactite has to hold on TIGHT to the ceiling or it will fall.

We went to Fiesta Texas the next 2 evenings. We like to go in the evenings because it is cooler, less crowded and is so pretty with all the lights. The girls favorite ride is still the swings. It seems like yesterday that they were babies on the swings and they would go to sleep riding it! They also really enjoyed the musical shows. I am sure we will go back a couple more times because we bought season passes.

The girls also wanted to go eat at the Magic Time Machine. We had Ace Ventura as our waiter and he did an EXCELLENT job. The food and fun there is hard to beat.

Kaytlynn and Delaney felt the need to swim twice while we were there too. The water was in the 50s, so they didn't last that long, but had a ball while we were there.

Todd did some honey-dos around the house, and I am so grateful that he was willing and able to do them. Most guys wouldn't find it alluring to replace lights, fix doors, and put stuff up in the attic on their precious vacation time, but he did it with a smile and they truly appreciated the jobs being done.

We got home and needed a vacation from our vacation, but it was definitely worth it.