Thursday, November 18, 2010


Things don't make us happy...Its a saying that is quite popular. And I know that on a foundational level, its very true...but ya know what? Sometimes "things" DO make me happy :-) Right now...just knowing my brand spanking new kindle is on its way to my house warms the cockles of my heart.

I'm cheap. That's not a surprise to anyone reading this blog. So I have watched the kindle quite closely for a while. I waited for it to drop in price...starting around 3 years ago. It dropped from 300 to 189...and this year they came out with the NON- 3G one for 139. I still didn't get it. But a couple of days ago, I was looking at a new author on that I had heard good things about. Her name is E. Nesbit. She was an early 20th century author that wrote The Railway Children, The 5 Children and It, The Phoenix and the Carpet, and many many more. Well, from what my friends said on the Five in a Row board, I knew that I was going to love them and want to read them to my kids and my school library didn't have them. They were 4.99 - 10.00 ea. in paperback form, which is COMPLETELY REASONABLE...BUT they also had 16 pieces of her work...all the titles that I wanted, plus more...for .99!!! I researched further...they had other books I had been planning on getting for the girls for this price or for free...all the Wizard of Oz books, All the Anne of Green Gables books, all the Peter Pan books. So it would actually pay for itself...and rather quickly. So since I'm all about spending money if its going to save me money...I hit the purchase button and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I even bought a great little leather case for it that has a light for it. I'll post later what I think of it!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Sound of Music

When I was little there were no VCRs or DVD players. You looked forward to your most favorite shows being played on the TV once a year. We would watch Romeo and Juliet on Valentines Day, The Wizard of Oz whenever it came on, and just before Christmas we would watch The Sound of Music. It happens to be my father's favorite movie of all time (even though he hates musicals), so we were pretty much guaranteed the opportunity to see this amazing film. The Christmas of 1985 we woke up to our very first VCR and my dad had been smart enough to tape it off of the television before Santa left it in front of the tree so we watched it over and over and over again :-)

This past week I had the pleasure of watching The Sound of Music with the girls. They were mesmerized by it. Kaytlynn's favorite part of the movie was the So Long, Farewell song...especially the part that they kicked each ones rear end, sending them off to bed!!! Delaney's favorite part was them escaping! My happy ending girl.

It really is wonderful being able to pass traditions on to your children. To watch them enjoy what you enjoyed and to see them giggle in delight when you explain, you too, were once 8 and danced around YOUR living room to I am 16 Going on 17...

I. AM. SO. Blessed.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Read Alouds...

It amazes me how much read aloud time has changed lately. We have been really enjoying this time together...even more than usual. The girls are starting to enjoy chapter stories that AREN'T easy readers and it has been such a pleasure to enjoy these quality books.

It is easy to find age appropriate, high quality picture books. They surround us in our home. Finding an AGE APPROPRIATE high quality chapter book is another thing altogether. Its not that they aren't there...but I do have to stop and actually "think" about it for a second.

Some that I have in mind for the rest of the year...and some you might want to try with yours at home if you are looking for some ideas...


3. 4.



So that's my not-so-distant future list. What else would you recommend? Do you have any experience with any of these? I'm sure you noticed that all of them, except Edward Tulane are not exactly new...I don't know why that is ...other than the fact that right now, Kaytlynn has been in love with some oldies. Oldies like Madeline, Katy and the Big Snow, and of course, her favorite Peter Rabbit. I guess it has put me in the mood to enjoy some antiquities right there beside her.