Saturday, January 26, 2008

Memory of December 14, 1992

I have decided to write some past memories down, in hopes that when my kids want a laugh about their mom and dad in the future, they won't have to depend on their mommies foggy memory!

Todd and I had just begun dating. We had gone to a couple of movies together, but that is about it. This time, Shannon, Holly and I went to Astroworld's Holiday in the Park and 2 memorable things happened.

#1. This had to be the most embarrassing date of my life. We were standing in line for a roller coaster and were bored. A friend of mine (I can't even remember who) had taught me how to rub my forefinger and thumb together on a belt loop of someones pants and it will make a ripping sound. It was kind of funny, so I asked Todd if he wanted me to show him how to do it. He agreed and I proceeded to YANK OFF HIS ENTIRE BELT LOOP. Can you say mortified??? Luckily, he laughed.

#2. He dropped me off that night at Shannon and Holly's house and gave me the quickest peck on the lips that anyone had ever seen. He hopped in his car, afterwards and immediately drove away. This was our first kiss.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Teddy Bear Smell...

A few posts ago, I mentioned something about Delaney begging for a Teddy Bear Smell. We have had no clue as to what this "thing" is. While at Target, she finally found it. She saw the Care Bears and yelled..."Teddy Bear Smell". We were so relieved that we finally found Teddy Bear Smell. She picked one up with a big smile and sniffed. And then frowned. Luckily, a lady said...those don't smell, but these do. She pointed at this purple ball (it looks like a furry blueberry). Delaney's eyes lit up, she smelled and screamed Teddy Bear Smell. She asked for it and we said that we weren't going to buy it, but that she could buy it with her birthday money from Nana and Aunt Barbara. She agreed, even after we said..."this means you won't be rich anymore. You won't have any money". So she left the store quite happy.

On another note. Kaytlynn did so well not asking for anything at Target, that we bought her an ATM bank. You put your money in and punch in how much you put in and it keeps total.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm Growing Up and Getting Brave!!!

The girls are growing up...but I feel like I did today. I bought the girls new tennis shoes tonight from Target. Kaytlynn liked one pair and Delaney liked another (and neither design had both of their sizes). But I usually would have gone to another store. This time I didn't. I bought them shoes that are different styles. And what that really means is...I won't be able to have them match from head to toe and that makes me so unbelievably sad! It is days like today that I wish with all my might that they would stay this young forever.

P.S. Kaytlynn's are just normal pink and white tennies. Delaney chose pink/white/silver Dora tennis shoes!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Kind of Sleeping Partner I Am....

I have had 3 crappy things happen in the last 12 hours, so pray that my day gets better.
#1. I was chewing gum...very soft gum, and it pulled a large filling (more than 20 years old) right out of my tooth. Need I say more to describe the pain.

2. I got a horrible headache last night. I couldn't believe how awful it was. I took medicine, which took a little bit of the edge off, but it was still bad, and then got a sinus headache to boot.

3. Last night I woke up suddenly, with my husband screaming "oooowwwwwww" "what the hell are you doing". He proceeds to tell me I scratched him with ALL of my fingernails (as in, on purpose to harm) on his forehead. Well, I felt absolutely awful, especially when he tells me he is bleeding. I ask if he wants me to go get some of our Mexican Penicillin salve to put on it and he says no. I keep apologizing, and I do realize at this point, that I must have been having a bad dream, because I was covered in sweat and my heart was racing. A couple of minutes pass and it this point he is laughing about it, and so I relax a little. When I do, I realize that my fingernails hurt...Bad. When I say this, and explain that the feeling feels like I just bent my fingernails back, he says, something to make me feel better, but ends the sentence with something like "Ill just go get some anti-scarring cream tomorrow morning". I hopped out of bed quickly and turned on the lights to look and there are my fingernail scratches. It looked like Freddy Kreuger had been there. I wanted to crawl in a hole under a rock to live there.

So as I sit to type this, my wounded husband is off to the pharmacy to get his scarring cream. Anybody want to come over for a sleepover with me?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I have a lot of things that I need to get better at this year. Mine are goals more than resolution...too many to be resolved to get them all done. But as the saying goes "God's not finished with me yet".

1. Take 1 teaspoon of Carlson's Cod fish liver oil every other day.

2. Take 1 Tablespoon of ACV everyday

3. Go to bed, so that I can get 9 hours of sleep each night. I realize that many people are able to go on 6 or less and that Dr's say you only need eight. I need 9 and I need to get that through my brain.

4. Meditate on 1 specific Bible Verse each month. Spend time daily in meditation on the verse.

5. Eat less...I am trying to get in the habit of eating on a salad plate rather than a dinner plate...and not snacking!

6. Drink more water! I hate water...I don't know why...but I really resent it when I drink it. I need to realize my body needs it to function properly.

7. Love more. Its a hard one isn't it. I need to learn to love and forgive myself and others more often than I do...even when they do act like asses.

Good luck to anyone reading this on there goals, wishes, prayers, and resolutions. I hope 2008 is a beautiful peaceful year.

Fairies in the Air...

You know when you look in the sun light in a dark room and see tiny dust particles floating? Well, Delaney discovered them today and chased them all around the room with mesmerized eyes. It was absolutely enchanting to see her giggling about all of the fairies in there. There is a perfect reason why I should never dust...right?

Happy New Year...

Yesterday, we took the girls to Cool Cuts 4 Kids and Kaytlynn got 8 inches cut. She is happy since it is still long...and like her mommy...loved getting her hair washed. Delaney didn't want to. I mean she REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO!!! But we promised her a Teddy Bear Smell (something she has been begging for, but we cant figure out what it is) and she hopped in the chair. She SCREAMED the entire time they washed her hair, but put on a brave face as they detangled and cut it. The lady was utterly amazed at how much hair she had. It took them about 45 minutes to do her hair. But she was not devastated when it was over and they both look adorable. Their hair is about 2 inches shorter than their elbows now. We then went to Wal-Mart and got the girls prizes for doing so well at getting their hair cut. Delaney couldn't find a Teddy Bear Smell ( go figure), but was quite enamoured with the new Barbie movie Mariposa she got that, and Kaytlynn got an over the door Barbie holder.

We spent last night with the girls at home. They did sparklers and day lillies and Todd did some Roman Candles and Black Cats (little stuff so that i wouldn't freak!). We also played Chutes and Ladders (WOW, that is a Freakin' long game), Buckaroo, and Disney Scene It (which was a present to us from Chris and Kim Gonzales. Delaney made it till about 11:45 and said..."I want to go to bed" talk about a jaw dropper. She has got to be tired when she says that. She did make it till midnight...but her teeth were brushed, and she was on the cot in our bedroom (they are sleeping in there tonight, since their electric blanket was off the bed and it was a cold night.) I might add that Delaney went to sleep with her Mariposa costume on. I am sure she dreamed a beautiful dream.