Sunday, January 4, 2009

God Spells Well

So we were speaking of some of the great characteristics of God at the dinner table. Kaytlynn always has a way with words when speaking of Him! I expected something like He loves us, or He takes care of us...Nope. Tonight she chimes in and says he is "very creative, and smart, and he can drink a big, huge glass of water in like a minute, and he can spell High School Musical".

Yep...that's my girl!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Delaney's Presents

Wikki Stix, jewelry(Thanks Nana), stickers, BOZ DVD, Gigi DVD, Gigi Sticker scene, , huge bottles of glitter glue, games...honeybee hop, Horton Hears a Who game, Sing Your Heart Out game, Cat and the Hat I Can Do That Game, 2 sets of sticky mosaics, High School Musical Sharpay doll that sings Fabulous with a microphone, Disney sticker activity books, Ocean game for the Wii, barbie dance mat and DVD, Barbie Island Princess doll (thank you Nana), Barbie and the Diamond Castle I can Read Book, FurBerry bear (folds up and smells like strawberry) but she calls these Teddy Bear Smell, Furberry DVD, scratch magic, perfume, face paint crayons, 1000s of different beads to make necklaces, Ice skater paper dolls, Princess paper dolls, Leap pad Plus Writing machine, plus like 7 games cartridges for it (Thanks A. Lisa), a Webkin black poodle and a Barbie Girl MP3 player loaded up with with all sorts of her favorite music, like Christmas in Joyland and Christmas songs, and lots of accessory clothes and jewelry to go with it.

The Presents...

a hand beaded miniature Christmas tree that Kaytlynn wanted for her Barbie mansion...

It was crazy expensive...but this hug tells me it was totally worth it!
Papa praying just after Luke 2 was read. I would have never taken this picture, but I am glad Todd did.

Kaytlynn's rock collection. She couldn't WAIT for the next show and tell when she opened this present! Doesn't every 6 year old get excited about rocks?

Kaytlynn...Wikki Stix, jewelry box with necklace carousel(Thanks Nana), all 40 Junie B. Jones books, a nice rock collection, jewelry(Thanks Nana), stickers, Hermie DVD, Veggietale DVD, stencil factory, huge bottles of glitter glue, games...rat a tat tat, sleeping queens, The Mystery Door, 2 sets of sticky mosaics, High School Musical golf cart and Sharpay doll, Disney sticker activity books, Animal Crossing Game for the Wii, Animal Safari for the Wii, I Spy computer game, 2 Leapster cartridges, barbie dance mat and DVD, Disney Character Encyclopedia book, Ladybug habitat so she can raise ladybugs!, FurBerry bear (folds up and smells like grape), Furberry DVD, scratch magic, perfume, face paint crayons, 1000s of different beads to make necklaces, Little house on the Prairie paper dolls, Tinkerbell papergirls, Leap pad Plus Writing machine, plus like 7 games cartridges for it (Thanks A. Lisa), a Webkin white puppy (thanks Nana) and a Barbie Girl MP3 player loaded up with with all sorts of her favorite music...including a new Strawberry Shortcake C.D. and lots of accessory clothes and jewelry to go with it.


Two years ago, my sister and I bought so many presents for our children that the children got TIRED of opening their presents and just started playing with what they had. We would try to "sell" the unopened packages to them.
"oh, Wow, LOOK AT THIS" "I wonder what is in this (as we shook the present in the air) "its addressed to KAYTLYNN...
"This present looks pretty cool Jacob...what do you think would fit in an octagonal box."
It worked for a little while, but we both were still left with unopened packages by the end of the day. Ridiculous, huh?

We come about it honestly. Christmas was huge at my house. My parents didn't buy us a lot throughout the year, but at Christmas they made up for it. My mom was bad, my father...just outright uncontrollable! I can honestly say that I don't ever remember not receiving something that I didn't want. Each Christmas was the same...presents spilling out everywhere, while Lisa and I oodled over them and my parents smiled, laughed, bragged and took pictures of us as we took our trip of ecstasy.

Last year we did do a little better, but it was still a little over the top. Well, this year we spent the whole month of December bragging about how well we had done. I mean we were really tooting our horns! The week before Christmas, Lisa calls and tells me more stuff she has bought.
I said accusingly to her that "I thought you were done buying presents...that you were gonna be REALLY good this year."

She told me "Yeah, Caroline said the same thing to me and you wanna know what I told her?" I told Caroline that Judy says that she has only bought this little craft of this Barbie, and blah, blah, blah. And I thought that's really nice, but in reality...I think I am going to show up at Christmas and discover that Judy is just a big, fat liar.

Unabashed, isn't she? That cutie patootie sister of mine.

I stuck to my story. The girls would have a wonderful BUT simple Christmas this year. I show up to my parents...spend the whole night wrapping presents and put them under the tree. I really did think I did well. It was much less crowded this year. I think I did a MUCH better job this year. But as my wise old sister says quite often. Better is better...but that doesn't mean better is good...Better is just Better!

She was right. We had presents stacked all the way around the tree 3 and 4 ft high in some places and coming about 6 feet out from the tree.

So Lisa...and the rest of you...thanks for loving me...Big Fat LIAR and all.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Santa 2008

Christmas was wonderful. Todd took Christmas Eve off at the last minute, so we packed that day and headed up to Dallas that evening.

Santa made an appearance in my mom's house a little early, and then he ended up in her backyard to great all the grandkids. It is so amazing to see the kids wonder in their eyes as they speak to him to tell him what they are wanting and to chat with him a bit. We gave him a Christmas gift too, by singing Jingle Bells to him as he ran off to deliver presents to all the SLEEPING was 11:00 and it seemed to be quite early to the children. The adults however felt a little differently.

That morning, things got really moving at about 8 am. Todd was setting the video camera up on the tripod when he dropped it. Smash...right on the tile. He did video it, but I am sure it didn't come out too good because the light is gone. We will have to buy a new one soon, because I love having a video camera.

Santa's gifts were sitting in front of the tree. He brought Kaytlynn the same snow globe that he brought her last year that she broke. He brought her 3 Thomas Kinkade angel ornament (where each angel has a small snow globe in the palm of her hands. She also received make-up, nail polish, and other girlie stuff.

Delaney received a princess dress, tiara, wand, make up, 4 dolls from Barbie and The Christmas Carol, and a sparkly hooded cape that she NEVER took off, after she got it on.

They also received ANOTHER barbie house.

I say it often, but this is such an amazing, magical age and I am so glad a feel so privileged to witness it.