Monday, May 25, 2009

Delaney's Bosses

Delaney has quite a few bosses. I know because she told me.

I was asking her to do something and she just sort of "ignored" me. She doesn't dare say no to me, but quite often just sort of walks off.

Well, I get all snooty on her and ask...Delaney, who are you supposed to listen to? She quite bluntly says "God". Good one, Delaney.

Daddy overhears what is going on and says "who else?" She...again very bluntly, and perhaps, even a little louder exclaims, "Jesus".


Delaney..."the Howy Spiwit".

And who else?

She squints her eyes, pouts her lips, and sadly says..."and you guys".

Wow...all of that, and she has never even seen a parochial school.

I say again...Kids say the darnedest things!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Easter 2009

So, a few posts back I griped about Kaytlynn's choice of clothing for her school pic. She really did look CUTE, but tell me that this is not CUTER!!! So Sweet, So Innocent, So Frilly and LITTLE GIRLISH!!! Easter gives you the excuse to slap all the raw silk, bows, flowers, crenoline slips, and hair buns on that your heart desires. Mine still like it right now, but when they grow up a little more and don't...I won't care. They will forgive me when they are moms. At least, I think they will.

The girls woke up early of course, so that they could scope out what the ole Easter Bunny had brought them. Kaytlynn received a Barbie magnet dress up set, a High School Musical key chain that sings, and a microphone for her Karaoke machine.

Delaney received magnet dress up sets that were focused on all the Disney Princess.

Both girls received "make your own" body shimmer kits and tons of candy.

We went to church and then watched it rain all day. At church we got our pic in front of the cross. I talked Todd into doing this before Sunday school rather than after, reminding him of the usual wait. Thank goodness he did, because about 20 minutes after the pic was taken, one of the worst storms I have ever seen, came blowing through...

The members of the church are given the opportunity to put a fresh flower on the church. It always ends up looking beautiful!

Again...thank you God for my new STURDY roof!!! :-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kaytlynn Finally Got Ears

Hanging out by the fountains after Kaytlynn getting her ears pierced.
She asked us to take about a million pics of her new "ears".

Right after the job was done...not a tear in her eye! I didn't plan it...but I don't think I could have picked a better outfit to have her wear in the store!
The 2 ladies that did the piercing.

Daddy wanted to take a before shot.

Kaytlynn and Delaney trying to pick their Daddy up.

The Crenshaw's with their little orphan.

The Northrup family at Annie. That is our neighbor Orphan Peyton right in the middle.

Our girls with Miss Hannigan.

We went to see our neighbor, Peyton Crenshaw, in the Christian Youth Theatre production of Annie Jr. It was terrific. Peyton was one of Ms. Hannigan's orphans. The music, dancing and acting was all terrific!

Afterwards, we went to Market Street and took Kaytlynn to Sweet and Sassy to get her ears pierced. She has been "sort of" wanting to do this since last year. She would end up changing her mind after we would explain that it would be like a super quick pinch and then it would be over.

About 3 weeks ago, the family went to Sam Moon for hair bows. While there, Kaytlynn admired every pair of earrings she saw. She said right then and there that she wanted her ears pierced and this past weekend was our first opportunity to do it.

She chose her earrings. They are small amethyst flower petals with the center being a white cubic zirconia. She got right in the chair, the 2 ladies talked her through what they were going to do, and as soon as they pierced her ears, instead of any tears, there was a HUGE smile on her face. She was so excited! We paid for it, and as we were leaving the store she exclaimed, "I am so glad that I finally got ears!"

She has spent every moment possible admiring herself and her earrings in the mirror. Every once in a while, she will even say that she wants us to take another picture of her ears!!! She is such a little cutie!

As a side note, Delaney did NOT want her ears done. She told me she would get it done when she was maybe 30. She finally decided that she would do it when she was 8!