Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Delaney learns the letter M!

Delaney likes homework just as much as Kaytlynn dispises it. I'm not really big on "teaching" my kids anything before they start school. Other than encouraging her to write a little and reading to her anytime I can, I don't do much. Plenty of time for that later, and I only have them little for so long. I try to spend more time learning about how to love, understand the difference between right and wrong, how to be a good friend, daughter, and most importantly...a follower of God and His Word. Anywho....

Delaney is going through the Explode the Code workbook...I don't even understand the concept of enjoying a workbook, but she has done about 30 pages so far. First the Letter B, then F, and today, we started the letter M. She is such a smart kid and she breezes right through the pages without a problem.

Well, to review...I let her show off to her daddy. In front of Todd, I ask, Delaney, what letter did we learn about today. Delaney screamed "M!" I then ask Delaney "What sound does M make", knowing she would get it right. Delaney screams "YeeHAWWWWW".

(Its rodeo time and she just got a new cowboy hat)! At least I knew where this "Delaney connection came from, UNLIKE her talking about eating Swans :-).

We laughed so hard that she went around saying M says YeeHaw several times tonight!

Todd hit the nail on the head when he labled Delaney the Queen of One Liners.

I love you and your quirkiness, Sweet Delaney!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Delaney's 5th Birthday Party!

We had the party a week later than her January 6 birthday. We had it at Basil's Gymnastics again, and it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun! The theme was Pink and Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a new passion of Delaney's...and it is kind of funny, because Hello Kitty was popular when I was a little girl...but then again, so were the Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, and Barbie. Some things don't change as much as we think they do. Here are the people that attended and the gifts bestowed upon her!!!
Bill and Kay Gasch-her Papa and Nana brought her a Fancy Nancy hat and Fancy Nancy doll. For those of you that don't know who Fancy Nancy is...She is a book character that lives in an ordinary home with ordinary family and tries to turn everything from plain to tres chic! I still am enjoying looking at the perfect little Madame Alexander doll, that will not be so perfect when we get her out of the box, but Delaney reads the Fancy Nancy books with her hat on and talks to her doll through its see through box....I know..."Bad Mommy".

Lisa, Scott, Jacob, Emily, and Gracie--they came down from Dallas. Delaney will know that one day they loved her so much that they were willing to come and stay in a hotel for 2 days for her birthday party because our house is still yucky from the storm and we only have 1 bed because of it! They bought Delaney a bubble machine and it has been such a hit that the neighborhood kids have come over a couple of times and asked to get it out. I think it is adorable to hear Delaney say bubbus (no l sound)!

Dave and Jean Northrup---Todd's parents came and how cool is it that Delaney will remember that her Grandma got up on a balance beam and double bars with her? She is lucky to have a playmate kind of Grandma! They got her a duffel bag on wheels with Hello Kitty on it! She loves it...she puts all her toys in it and rolls it around the house like she is going somewhere!

Kim and Chris Gonzales...but most importantly...they brought Baby Evan with them. An 8 month old is always a hit at a party, but especially one as laid back as he! Everyone waited patiently for their "turn" to hold him. They gave Delaney 2 My Little Pony dolls, which is exactly what she requested from them. She holds them as she watches her movie about you can see with Fancy Nancy and My Little Pony, she is quite the tactile learner. Kim was even willing to jump on the trampoline with me!

Robbie Green and Kayla--They gave Delaney a Barbie and some Barbie clothes. She loves it! Anyone that knows Delaney knows that she is enthralled with all things Barbie...we should own stock. A funny story...As some of you know, we are quite sheltering of our girls at times, ie. no TV (we don't like the commercials), only approved DVD's, no radio(again, we don't like the commercials)...only audiotapes and approved music on CD, no public school, and we stress modesty. Well, Robbie knows how I am (he just laughs and loves me anyway!!!), and he took Kayla to buy the present. He ended up, too much makeup, no...skirts too short, is too funky etc. etc. etc. They finally found the perfect one and He stated to Kayla "Man, you took a long time". Kayla replied in a funny stressed out voice..."Its all the those rules...they were stressing me out!) Robbie, like Kimmie, was also my trampoline partner!

Jeff, Dana, Stephen, Peyton, and Ethan--Our most wonderful neighbors came! And they even had to go to another party that day! We are so lucky to have you...who else would play as much cards??? And...Peyton and Kaytlynn are such great playmates and the same with Delaney and Ethan...sorry Stephen! They brought this cute little Tinkerbell "land" purse, that included 2 mini fairies! She has already had us buy another fairy for it! As crazy as Delaney is for Barbie...she is just as crazy for "Tinkewbewl"!

Tony, Leila, Avery, Brenna, and Cooper and new family member Lilly--Our friends from Spring Baptist. As I have mentioned before...Cooper is the reason Delaney goes to church! I can never remember which of her daughter's is which...until she pointed out that she named them in order...A, B, C. Oldest to youngest! I already liked the names for her kids, but I thought that was just too cool. And now I will know the oldest girl vs. 2nd girl is! Leila also happens to be one of the 2 most creative people I know! Leave it to her to come with this original present...A Lemonade stand and stuff to make Lemonade. I have not let her have her lemonade stand yet (BAD MOMMY again), But, we have made lemonade in the adorable yellow pitcher many times. Delaney thinks that she is Betty Crocker because of it!

Jeanne, Nico, and G.G. Tamez came! Jeanne and I had both our babies together...Nico is 1 day older than Kaytlynn and G.G. is 2 months older than Delaney! You remember me talking about 2 creative people? Jeanne is the other one! She made both girls a necklace (I've borrowed both and gotten complements on them), she also made them corkscrew barrettes! My girls love bows so much that that section of the playroom is called Bow City! They loved them! She also bought the My Amebas (sp?)...and to be honest, I don't understand them...but the girls do (sad, huh?) But Jeanne, is the techi and she just sits back and laughs at me!

Carmen Baines...the most amazing babysitter ever, and brought along a baby doll for Delaney. Carmen loves baby dolls and has shared that with my girls. Every since they were REALLY little, they knew how to hold a babydoll, wrap a baby in a blanket or washcloth, burp and feed one as well, and it is all because of Carmen! She loves my babies just like she was their grandmother, and I feel so safe when I leave my girls with you, because I know they are in such good, capable, loving hands!

Todd, Kaytlynn and I came too. We bought the party along with that ginormous Hello Kitty cake, and Kaytlynn gave Delaney Fancy Nancy outfits for her new doll.

Put all of those together and you get 32 people and lots and lots of fun. Thank you all for being there to celebrate my babies special day.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

50s Day at Spring Baptist Early Learning Center

I'm so glad that Kaytlynn is able to go to a private school. They have taken a lot of the fun out of the mix due to testing, funds, lawsuits, etc. By law, it is against the law for children to be given anything without nutritional value (candy). They are also not allowed to have more than 2 parties a year.

Kaytlynn's school has a party for everything...Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even 50's DAY!!! She celebrated the 50th day of school this year by having 50s day. Each child dressed up in a 50s outfit and they brought 50 snacks to share at the party. She brought 50 crackers. Others brought m&m's, twizlers, etc.

They had a sock hop where they danced to 50s music and had real root beer floats. She had a blast that day and she looked adorable in her little outfit.

We got her skirt when we were decorating her French Kitty Kat room...who knew we would actually put the thing to use!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swans...mmm, mmm, good.

So my girls have now learned that we eat birds such as turkey and chicken. Delaney stayed home sick today and we were ready to walk out the door to pick Kaytlynn up from school today. Delaney asked if we were going to have swan tonight. I didn't quite get what she meant. So I said "What?"
"Mommy, are we going to have swan tonight"

"No, we don't have any swans"...thinking she wanted to play with them.

So she then states..."No, we don't want to eat swans, because they will taste like fire".

WOW...that's all Ive got....WOW!