Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grace's 3rd and Emily's 6th Birthday...

We planned on leaving Friday night, but something was up with my car battery wires (corroded or something) and my car was dead. Todd fixed whatever needed fixing Saturday morning and off we went to the Coppell Aquatic Center. It is only like 15 minutes from my parents house, and maybe 10 from Lisa's. We got there with about 30 minutes breathing room. I was exhausted, so I stayed in the party room and Todd swam with the girls. All the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. Gracie has really started talking a lot and she is so matter of fact when she is talking to you that it is hard not to laugh. When she is working on something she shhh's you! "shhhhhh! Hush, Mommy, Otay?"

We spent the night at my parents but spent Sunday afternoon at Lisa's. They just got a new REGULATION size air hockey table so Todd spent his time on it with Scott and Jacob. I played on their pinball machine. I usually suck royally at pinball. I get around 40,000 points a game. My second game though, I got 198,000 points on my first ball!!! I was so excited that Lisa ran and got the camera. My 2 and 3rd ball were typical, and I finished the game with like 201.000 points! We came home and were just dead...but we will be back up for Thanksgiving, so I'm not too sad!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Whistle While You Work!!!

Kaytlynn has officially learned to whistle. It happened sometime this week. She has been practicing for some time. She will blow through her persed lips and say over and over again "Can you hear me" and we would say yes (not specifying whether it was her air, or an actual whistle that we heard!)

Now she goes around the house whisteling away. It is quite adorable.

Veteren's Day Parade

Kaytlynn's class had a Veteran's Day Parade last Thursday. I didn't get a note that I was supposed to and I "found" it in a pile of Todd's stuff on Wed. morning. It stated that she needed to make a patriotic hat for the parade on Thursday. Well....I have MOPS on Wed nights so I told Todd he was going to do it. As he stood there with his mouth agate, I instructed him to go to Michael's and get a foam hat and just decorate it with glitter glue.

He did as advised and one upped me! He found a foam #1 GIANT HAND for her to decorate as well. They decorated both and so did Delaney. He took off work ( I couldn't, as usual) and went to pick Delaney up from Ms. Carmen's and they went to watch Kaytlynn in her parade! In the pictures she looked so cute! She wasn't allowed to have her foam hand because she had to hold and wave a flag, but Delaney had hers!

Kaytlynn's First Report Card!

She got it last week and she did really well. She now knows more than 30 of her site words and knows all the sounds and the letter it goes with...except U. It stated she could only count to 19, but actually at the time she could count to 30, so I don't know what that is about. There were no negative comments, except the fact that she couldn't spot rhyming words well. I am so glad that we have her at Spring Baptist Church. I don't know if she would be nearly as successful in a public school setting. I am loving the fact that she only has 9 kids in her class, where there would be 22 in a regular state school.


We had Halloween at our church this year and it was a really fun night. I went as my usual Juliette and Todd was the Cat in the Hat, but the girls were Barbie and the Island Princess and although I wasn't thrilled about the costume choices (I was pulling for Madeline), they turned out looking adorable. They had tons of games, moonwalks, slides, rock climbing walls (we passed that one up), and best of all, a large petting zoo. The girls had a lot of fun petting the llama, goats, rabbit, and chasing the turkeys and looking at the gigantic turtle.