Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007

We had a lovely Christmas. Santa got the girls a huge Disney Castle and the Barbie the Island Princess Vanity, Kaytlynn and snow globe (just like she wanted) and a party dress for Delaney(just like she wanted). Some of the other presents they got...
Kaytlynn-Barbie Island Princess Wii Game, Barbie Island Princess Maiden and Prince Antonio, 4 different dressy necklaces, 1 custom made silver bracelet with her name on it, a guitar, perler beads, a doll from the strawberry shortcake line, Twister. My sister got her a butterfly habitat.

Delaney got the mini barbie princess, mini kingdom castle, Barbie Island Princess Maiden, 2 strawberry shortcake c.d.'s, 1 large strawberry shortcake doll that blows strawberry smelling kisses when you hug her, Gingersnap (from the strawberry shortcake line)Chutes and Ladders board game, Buckaroo game My sister got her a horse and carriage that carries 2 barbies inside and I must say it was the hit!

They also got a ton of DVDs!
Todd got a Star Wars Wii game, several new shirts, and some wind chimes with solar powered lights as the inner globe.

He got me an ipod, accessories to go with it, and some dead sea spa treatments! My parents got us a family season pass to Six Flags since that is what I wanted!

My dad read Luke 2, said a prayer and the kids went to ripping open everything in site. Delaney spent the whole time saying"I want mines, I want mines" right after she opened a present. She really didn't look at what she was more fun tearing into everything!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

What a Week...

We just got back to Houston after spending the week in Denton with my parents. It was a really good and really bad week. We arrived on the 22nd and spent the first couple of days just chatting, eating, wrapping and playing spades. Mother played with us, which is unusual to say the least, but very fun.

We took the kids to see Santa at my mother's little mall and to our surprise...there was absolutely no wait! We got a pic of just our girls and then we also got a pic with the other grand kids as well. Santa was so nice. He specifically asked each child what they wanted. I thought he was so gentle and sweet. I loved his was perfect. Both pics came out nicely to boot! The kids then went to a small dinky carousel (a 3 seater) and rode it until we ran out of quarters!

Dec. 24th, Santa made his yearly appearance outside my parents backyard...and it was a hilarious meeting...yet again. Each kid was very excited to tell him what they wanted...and wouldn't you know that my girls CHANGED WHAT THEY WANTED RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT!!!! I wanted to cry!

Ill type more later since I don't want some person reading 18 paragraphs about my Christmas, and truthfully...I am sitting here enjoying listening to The Statler Brothers "The Christmas Card" C.D. which is not my usual type of group to listen too but probably more beautiful due to the fact that I listened to this as a record at my parents house 1000 times each Christmas as a child. Memory Lane is a nice place to be every once in a while...especially at Christmas time.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Girls are better...

Just when Delaney started getting better, Kaytlynn started getting worse. We ended up taking her to the Dr. when we were clocking her above 104 degrees. The Dr. said she had an ear infection and the croup. I believe the Dr., but ...#1. We have never had croup before and now twice in two months??? and #2. I never heard the barking seal cough that she had the first time. The Dr. just said it was not as severe as it was the first time. So Kaytlynn is on antibiotics and in 3 days time, she is already fever free with only a slight cough! YAY!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The girls are sick...AGAIN!

Delaney had a fever this past weekend with a cough. Eventually the fever went away, but we have still been having to give her some prescribed cough medicine. Kaytlynn got a fever last night, and she has a NASTY cough. We just made an appointment for 3:45 at Dr. Oneil's office. I am at home instead of work, and I don't think my principal is too happy about it, since it is December and the natives are restless...but again...nothing I can do about that.

The librarians had their Christmas party last night. We did a gift swap and it had munchies at Hirsch's librarians house. It was a lot of fun and I was home by about 7:00, so we weren't there from all hours of the night.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our 10 Years!

Yes, Todd and I actually celebrated our 10 year anniversary today. I can't believe it, because it really does seem like yesterday. When Todd is getting me an anniversary present, I like him to get me the traditional gift...For example...Anniversary 1, the traditional gift is paper. Todd got me Romeo and Juliette print by Jeffrey Barson. The 2nd anniversary is cotton...he bought me a quilt, so as you can see...he does use his imagination ( or knows someone who does!) Fast forward to year 10...the gift should be made of tin. He showed up about an hour into my workday, which is odd, with a big smile on his face, holding a big tin of cookies. I tell him thank you...laugh with him...and little does he know, he just made my day. He then asks "you want a cookie....I open the lid and amongst all the cookies is a small black jewelry box...holding a beautiful tanzanite and diamond ring inside. He did really well. He can really be a romantic when he wants to be.

We didn't get to see each other till 8:00 tonight because I had a late night school program, but I am sure we will go out on a date somewhere tomorrow night. I'm grateful God let me have him 10 years ago...Here's praying for another 40!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving was Wonderful!

We were all in Denton for Thanksgiving. The Northrup's got to Denton on Thanksgiving Evening at around 5 and we met everyone at The Cracker Barrel. We waited for about 30 minutes to be seated. Daddy waited in the car to listen to the football game, while everyone else tootled around the store inside. The cousins were all so happy to see each other and were busy chasing each other around and showing each other what toy or Christmas decoration they wanted in the store! My parents had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but the rest of us (Nevins and Northrups) had breakfast food and it was delicious!

Friday we watched the movie Elf and again watched the kids play and we did the same thing Saturday, except that night, everyone but Daddy(way too tired) went to Lisa's to play Clue (while the kids just ran all around her house screaming giggling, and chasing. They also had a good time playing dress up. Delaney was particularly partial to the bridal costume that she borrowed from Emily! She thought she was something pretty special...from her veil to her huge flowing dress. It was so cute to see her pose in her fake bashful pose! We stayed until 12:30! The first game of Clue...Lisa only put 2 cards in the envelope, so when I guessed I was right on the 2 cards, but not on the 3rd! It was pretty darn funny. Todd won the second game.

We went back over to Lisa's house Sunday and played pinball and air hockey. And left at around 4. We were exhausted when we got home, but it was an amazing weekend.