Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great info on a Few Ways to Save Money!

This article talks about how companies market by making us use that we can buy more. It touches shampoo, car oil, clothes detergeant, and baking soda!...but it also just reminds us, the buyer to ...beware!

I thought it was short, but interesting!

Happy Birthday Kaytlynn

This post is a little late...She turned 7 on August 15th, and its a month past that date. Mommy is running behind again!

I was opening the new library, so the day before her birthday, on August 14, we were spending the day at my school as usual. I talked my boss into letting me, him and the secretary Peggy, get on the intercom of the entire school and sing Happy Birthday. Luckily, my friend Charlyn came by on a surprise visit, so she sang with us as well. I told Kaytlynn and Delaney to stay in the library because I had something to do in the office. 5 minutes later we were singing our hearts out and then sending her our birthday wishes over the speakers. When I went to go see her, she met us at the door with TEARS in her eyes and a HUGE smile on her face. She absolutely loved it. I actually think that it was the first time I had ever seen her with tears of joy...and I was so happy that I was part of that good feeling her heart.

Make Way For Ducklings FIAR...

The next book that we read through Five in a Row is Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.

We learned about Boston, Mass.

We looked at the Sculpture of the Ducks in the is a bronze of Momma Duck, Daddy Duck and all of the baby Ducks.

We studied the differences between 1941, the Year MWFD was published, and 2009. We looked at the Pram vs. today's strollers; the cops clothing; men wearing hats; ladies all wearing dresses, children wearing hats; cars; the buildings, etc. The girls really liked talking about this.

We learned about ducks. We discussed their habitats, how they raise their babies, what they eat, etc. We watched a video on them and we also read Ducks Don't Get Wet...which is a Let's Learn About Book. Kaytlynn thinks she is so cool to know what a Drake is now (male duck). She also thinks its neat that she can tell whether or not a mallard is a boy or girl.

We went to feed ducks at my parents house. They have a pond in walking distance from their home and we went with cans of dog food. The ducks, turtles and large fish all love dog food!

The big vocabulary word in this book was MOLT. This one has stuck. Every time that Kaytlynn sees a feather, she tells me a bird must be molting :-)

It was a book that was fun...even though I was concerned that the girls might not enjoy it...due to the brown and white illustrations, but luckily I had no reason to be worried...they loved it

Delaney getting more dog food to feed the ducks!

This Turtle ate more than 50 pieces of dog food...I have never seen ANYTHING like it. They are usually full after 5 or 6 pieces. He was one hungry turtle...

The masses have come for their food.
Jacob 10, Nana 64, Gracie 4, Emily 7, Delaney 5, and Kaytlynn 6

Delaney and Kaytlynn...they like to get REALLY close to the water, but Kaytlynn has only fallen in once!

On our way to feed the ducks...with our Wal-Mart bags full of dog food!

How Cool is This?

Saturday, September 12, 2009


For Kaytlynn and Delaney's language arts, science, and social studies I have chosen to do something called Five in a Row. Each week, I choose a book to read...five times in a row. If you know kids, they love familiarity, and my girls think they are so smart since they are building on knowledge they learned yesterday...rather than connecting with new characters, setting, problem, etc. each new school day.

On my blog, I will discuss some of the books we gone over and what we have learned in each of them. For your interest...if you are interested, but also for our memories. As we are creating a lot of them by learning in this manner!

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.
We learned about gardening and all the vegetables in Mr. McGregor's garden. We picked blackberries at my parents friend's farm.
We learned about different types of communities...the differences between cities, suburbs and the rural areas. We focused on rural areas, and what they look like.
We learned about chamomile tea. We had tea at tea time together (which the girls loved). We talked about how plants are used for medicinal purposes.
We learned about obedience. Why we should obey and what can happen when we don't. We learned about listening to people that have proven themselves to be people of good judgement...and spending time with those people...not people like Benjamin Bunny.
We learned about England, and some of its cities and landmarks. The girls can now sing Big Ben's tune and tell you all about the tower and clock. They know and recognize its flag.
We also spent time learning about Beatrix Potter...where she lived, why she wrote, what she wrote. We learned a little bit about the early to mid 1900's. We learned about her childhood and adult life. We also watched the movie Mrs. Potter with Renee Zellweger (wonderful movie and both girls have watched it again).
We spent time learning about rabbits. We looked at where they live, what they eat, etc. And then we talked about other books with rabbits in them. We read several, including The Velveteen Rabbit and watched the movie that went with it.
We studied Potter's art. The girls learned about the type of art she used...and the difference between animated vs. naturalism.

The girls loved this book and I am so glad that it was our very first book to ROW.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

It has been really busy around here. I am enjoying my days teaching at Eickenroht Elementary school. Robbie, my principal and friend, has been doing a terrific job. We are so used to 1200 kids walking the halls that it is like heaven dealing with under 600 students. I have sent my order off for the new books and they should arrive in a couple of weeks. I set up for bookfair this week and the kids will be able to purchase next week. We will see how it goes. My head feels like it is spinning in so many directions. My assistant isn't even able to be there because her son has the Swine Flu.

I have signed the girls up for AWANAS for the year. Kaytlynn is in her 2nd year of SPARKS. Delaney left CUBBIES behind and started SPARKS as well. Tonight was their first night and Delaney has been sooo excited about going. When she found out that Ethan Crenshaw was not in her class though, she kinda freaked. So I asked if they could move her. They had no problem doing so, but then she still started crying saying she wanted to be with me. I talked to her about doing the right thing, even if we didn't want to...hugged her, reassured her that I would come back for her in an hour, hugged her again...and then ran off to deliver Kaytlynn to her class. I walked back by about 5 minutes later and she was all happy and listening to story time. I feel so bad for her when her shyness kicks in. She can be a manipulating child, but not when she is like this. She really is scared of the unknown and I hope and pray that it gets better with age.