Friday, May 30, 2008

My Mother and The Birthday Song...

My mother has a tradition of calling at midnight on my birthday and singing me the birthday song. The funny thing is, I never think about it, so it is always a happy surprise when she does it.
So the other night I am fast asleep and the phone rings. I look at the clock and get scared to death that someone is calling with bad news. I answer it...and my mother starts singing "Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you"...Relieved and Groggy I say...
"Mother...its not my birthday"
Her reply "Yes it is. It is 12:04"
"No it's not"..."Todd, is it the 29th?". You then hear my mother speak to her friends at work...asking them if it is the 29th.
She then sheepishly said "oh, well, I guess Ill call you tomorrow."

She actually called me at midnight on the 28th. It was so funny! I giggled all day the next day thinking about it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Girls Finally Won!!!

For the past 3 weekends, our family has gotten together with the Crenshaw's (our neighbors) to eat dinner and play spades. It has been fun to do...but last night was a little more fun than usual. Dana and I lost the first two weeks...We won by over 100 points this time. I just felt the need to document it...or brag to Todd, one of those two. ;o)

On a side note. We usually get done at about midnight, and each morning after, I wake up feeling old and wondering how I ever survived college!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am so ready for school to be over!!!

I was able to take the kids over to see Kimmie's beautiful baby. He was all scrunched up on her shoulder when we got there. He is just adorable!

I woke up to a horrible crick in my neck yesterday morning, so I can't move all. I turn my body when I need to look at someone and I know it looks strange when I do it, but oh well. If its not staph its a crick, right?

Kaytlynn had game day at school today. All the kids were supposed to bring their favorite game to school so that they could play it with their friends. She brought Elefun... She happens to call it Ellie the Elephant and gets quite frustrated when anyone else calls it that as well. She also got to read her favorite book to her classmates. She chose Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea. She said she had a good time today...(she also happened to add "We only had to do 1 worksheet). She might be more ready for summer than I am!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Have Staph...

So I finally went to the Dr. about these cysts/nodules that keep popping up on my chin near my mouth. I also had one on my upper leg. The Dr. confirmed that it was indeed staph and put me on some mega antibiotic and face cream. So now we are playing the sit and wait game. I get really dizzy and light headed on this med and it makes me nauseous. The strange thing is...I have a stomach of steel, so who knows what most people feel like on this stuff.

I also got an email stating that my dad is about to have some skin cancer removed from his neck. I don't really know anything other than that, since I haven't even spoken with him about it. So keep those 2 things in your thoughts and prayers please.

On a brighter note, my friend Kim is officially 3 days overdue with her baby and the Dr. will induce tomorrow morning at six AM, so here is praying for an easy delivery for you Kim. I hope Baby Evan just falls right out of you.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I met Jenna and Laura Bush...

The librarians are having a bookfair at Barnes and Noble in the Woodlands this whole week. We signed up for this ages ago, and just last month they called and said that a signing with Jenna and Laura Bush would be occurring during our weekend at the bookstore. Each librarian got 3 wristbands for the engagement, so I took Kim and Chris Gonzales. We got a few pictures and I came home with several books signed. They were both pleasant and something that surprised me is that the First Lady Laura is much prettier than pictures paint her to be. The librarians were so happy that this happened because we were able to get some unexpected profit for the bookfest coming this fall! We take in 10% of everything (books, coffee, gifts,)that is sold if the customer shows them the Spring ISD coupon. We won't know how well we did until next Friday, but we are hoping that this will be our only fundraiser needed for the year.