Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Music Lessons...

I have signed the girls up for music lessons. They are soooo excited. Kaytlynn has wanted to play the violin for a good year now and Delaney has wanted to play the piano. I have put it off for 2 reasons....a little bit because of money, but mainly, because I wanted to see if their desire would wear off. It didn't so they will start taking them at a place called 7 acre woods on Saturdays as soon as we get all of their books in that we have ordered.

The moment I knew I needed a violin, I called my friend Howie. He runs a music store in Porter and we were in choir together back in high school. He is the most talented musician I've ever known...playing anything that you can blow or strum. We went by his place and bought a 1/4 sized violin. Kaytlynn has thought it was the neatest thing since sliced bread!

Delaney and Kaytlynn outside Andrew's Music in Porter

Kaytlynn being fitted for the right size violin

Howie and Kaytlynn after our purchase! She was truly walking on sunshine!

Fancy Restaurants ...

We don't take the girls out to eat often. They get really excited when life gets too busy and we go to Denny's for Kids Eat Free! Evidently, when my kids went to stay at my sister's house, they got to have the honor of going to CiCi's Pizza. For those of you that are not familiar with CiCi's Pizza, it is a buffet pizza joint where you get all you can eat bread, pizza, and dessert for 5 bucks. In other words...its a dive.

They had been asking us to take them all week. I had told the girls that I didn't know where a Cici's Pizza was and that was the truth...but I hadn't actually been looking for one either. My mom needed to go to Walgreen's for something and Delaney chose to go with her. Lo and Behold...CiCi's was practically right next door. Clueless Delaney found she can find that and not her hair brush or shoes, Ill never know. But find it she did. She then preceded to tell us that we needed to go. That we could go to a Fancy place and eat Fancy food and have great time. So we did. Both girls had a great time while my mom and I chit chatted. Delaney ate 4 plates full of food! And to top it off, there was a balloonist there, so we left with a sword for Kaytlynn and a Butterfly for Delaney. Don't you just love how simple things delight children. I wish it did the same for me...Life would be so much easier!

We ate Fancy...cause that's how we roll :-)

I'm a Bad Blogger!

I can not believe that I have not blogged in 3 months! I guess summer came and I got busy thinking of other things. I am going to try to not do this again...but who knows. I want to remember this part of my life so much because I enjoy where my kids are right now...but between homeschooling the girls, being a librarian, wife and mother...I get busy living it, rather than writing about it.

My mom just left after staying 5 days with us. That HAS to be a new record. She just got back from helping her sister, Aunt Barbara, out after having surgery on her neck.

It was a good visit...full of lots of swimming. My mom is WAYYY better at being nice than I am. I don't take them swimming near as often as I want to...mainly because I am sooo tired the next day. My mom takes them swimming every night whether we are at her house or mine, unless it rains. She says it makes her feel refreshed. I don't know what that is about, but I want some "refreshment" too.

The girls are also big into Go Fish right now. Except, when they don't have the card you are asking for they say "Gold Fish". So we played several games of Go Fish this past week.