Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nursing Home visit...

As a child, I loved going to this sad little nursing home in Porter. We would go for lots of reasons...with my mom and as a church. My favorite was handing out Halloween candy in our costumes.

The girls are in choir and they have visited a local nursing home twice to sing with the church children's choir. They love doing it.

Today, I took the girls to a nursing home in Conroe. Kaytlynn's violin teacher got her students together to perform for everyone. It was Kaytlynn's first time to perform before an audience. She played Angels We Have Heard On High. She was so nervous but did such a good job! I was so proud of her but more importantly, she was proud of herself! Kaytlynn has become so shy lately that you never know how she is going to respond, but she just glowed. I am so thankful we have been blessed enough to put her in violin! Hoping it pulls her out of her shell.

Delaney also got to play her piano for her first time in front of an audience. She played Silent Night. She is really starting to do a great job! Same as Kaytlynn...glad this will give her a chance to shine :-)

Kaytlynn's Humor...

I hate the girls growing, but each year they grow more into who they will be. Kaytlynn...will be funny. She absolutely loves corny jokes! Her 2 newest that she loves to share.

"They need to come up with a new HAM. They can call it Abraham!

"What is a hip hop person's favorite city. TokYO. Get it....YO...I like Tokyo...hehehe"