Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Office

Todd and I don't get a chance to watch a lot of adult television, but we usually have "a show" that we watch together. Right now, it is The Office. Its been on for 7 years but we are just getting around to watching it. We stream it through Netflix, so I don't even know if its on cable or regular TV, but It. IS. HILARIOUS. It also happens to be a bit irreverent, so it is definitely not for everyone. Todd and I actually have to rewind and watch scenes over again because we can't hear it, due to the fact we are laughing too hard. Good Times!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmastime at Our Home...

We are officially starting to enjoy the Christmas Season. Todd has our lights on the house, the reindeer in the yard and we have the Dicken's Villiage pieces throughout our living room. The girls are definitely getting bigger. It surprises me, but it is still fun. They ask to go outside constantly to "pet the reindeer" and I let them...but there is a nagging suspicion that the question they are really asking is...Can I not do school work right now? Wink wink. I have even wrapped 80% of our gift...Yay for me (too often I wait till Dec. 23 and 24th!!!

We drove through the neighborhood last night to enjoy the lights on the houses. Its quite funny to see Delaney because she is appalled when people don't have lights outside. Why don't they believe in Jesus, she asks!!! Such a dramatic stinker, she is. We have loaded lots of Christmas music onto the Ipod and the girls occasionally whip out the Karaoke machine to sing and spread Christmas Cheer...decked out in formal wear, of course :-) And we are trying to watch a Christmas movie as a family each night. We all love this!

We aren't all the way ready though...We still need to decorate our trees and I have a few more presents to wrap. I also plan to start reading a book about Advent with the girls...but haven't begun it because it hasn't arrived from Christmas yet. We haven't made our Christmas cards yet...even though I am DETERMINED to do them this year!!! And the girls haven't OFFICIALLY written their letters to Santa yet...though I am sure it will be filled with American Girl this, and American Girl that!

I'm not stressed over what has been done though...which is quite unlike the regular Judy Northrup...I'm just trying to savor it...even the to-do lists. I am trying to look at the list in an anticipatory way. And I am enjoying it. Its months like these, I really wish that time would freeze.

Merry Chrstmas Season everyone. May it be filled with Love and Friends and Family and Focus on what this time of year is all about.