Friday, September 28, 2007

Modest Delaney...

So Delaney is finding her own modesty and we are really getting a kick out of it. Delaney, like her sister finds quite a bit of pleasure running around in her birthday suit. She likes dressing like a princess and wearing her bathing suits around the, I will allow her to play "dress up" with these things...but inevitably, she ends up naked. We get her back in clothing...and she gets naked again.

Well....about 2 weeks ago, she would be naked and we would ask for her to put some clothes on. She would go get her clothes and say "Close your eyes"...or in her dialect... "cose youw eyes" and while we pretended to do so (to make sure she wasn't pulling a fast one on us) she would put her clothes back on. She has done it several times now and we find it quite funny!

Last night, she is on the potty and her daddy went in the bathroom to wash his hands...nothing unusual. She looks at him and says in a bossy voice..."Just Wash Your Hands and Get Out Daddy"...We both wanted to burst out laughing!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Kaytlynn's First NOTE HOME!!!!

Wow! I can't believe how the time is flying with Kaytlynn. She is doing very well for the most part although, we got our first note home. Kaytlynn so far, has mainly been working on her shapes, colors, writing her name, and working on writing and learning 2 new letters a week, and 3 new sight words a week. I can't believe she has only been to school 9 times (it is only a 3 day a week school) and she can already read I, Can, See, Is, It, In, This, A and something else that I evidently can't remember. She didn't like doing sight words at first...but now she thinks she is soooo smart. She even asked me tonight if she was as smart as me yet! So she comes home with these checks and check +'s all the time...of course we are thrilled with it...EXCEPT twice now...they have worked on sequencing and at the top of her paper is a check minus and the teacher says..."done with help". no worries, right? Well the 3rd one came home this week with a note that said she needed to work on her listening skills. I automatically start thinking...SHE'S TALKING WHEN SHE SHOULD BE WORKING. So I call the teacher at home (one of the perks of sending your kid to private school). Low and behold, Kaytlynn is EXTREMELY quiet at school, but she looks around and sort of daydreams a lot. I am now putting 2 and 2 together and realizing...if its tough or she doesn't want to do it...she stresses out and "checks out" for a while. I told the teacher to redirect her...and to call us if it continues, because that is not typical. I think her teacher is very meek...and Kaytlynn is used to Hitler maybe she is trying to far, no new notes, so I am hoping she settles down and the teacher will start calling her on it. I also pointed out to the teacher that Kaytlynn is a baby of the class since she was born 15 days too early for the cut off. I don't think she knew it, because she even stated on the phone that it probably is just a maturity thing...especially considering that she hasn't been to pre-school.
I can say I was relieved to hear that it wasn't talking...I did not want to go through the Like Mother, Like Daughter phase!
Tomorrow we go to GG Tamez's Birthday party...swimming, of course, say they are pumped up about that.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Sweet Wally...

Wally, our almost 16 year old Pomeranian died Thursday night. I came home from work and saw him on the bean bag in the kitchen. I had seen him on it when I got home...and he had not been feeling great since we got back from Denton, so I thought I would just let him rest...we were thinking he had eaten something not so great. An hour or so later, Kaytlynn was saying "wake up sleepyhead" in the kitchen and I knew before I even got to the kitchen to check. I told the girls he was really sleepy (I didn't want that to be the last thing they remembered) and put on a movie for them in the playroom. I called Todd and he came home and buried him. After he was taken care of we told the girls. Delaney immediately asked if she could play Happy Feet on the Wii, so it didn't bother her at all, but Kaytlynn cried for a while. I was 5 like her when my first dog, Becky, died. I thought that was coincidental. She is persistently asking for a new dog, but we are trying to wait a while. I guess we will see how it goes. Todd and I are both wrapped around her little finger, so we are seeing just how long we can hold out.

He was such a sweet dog. He loved to go on car trips and especially loved visiting my mother. He was laid back and only barked when someone rang the doorbell. He loved baths and as soon as he finished with one, he would run around the house barking and yelping, running like a mad man. It was funny, only because it was the only time he would play!
He constantly tried to "escape" and go for a neighborhood jog, and our neighbor Jeff would always bring him back to us! Most of all, Wally loved to eat people food. We tried not to do it since we wanted him to be healthy, but my mother and the girls thought it was hilarious to feed him. He sort of stayed away from the girls...not that he didn't like them, but they made him nervous...but as soon as they had food, he was RIGHT THERE by there side. Their very best friend. Delaney spent this last weekend putting her Super girl cape on him. I wish I had gotten a picture of it...although he didn't think it was that great and I got on to was very funny.

Enough of my rambling. I am glad he was not in much, if any pain and that it didn't take long. We will miss our beautiful, sweet Wally.


Kaytlynn started Kindergarten on September 5th. We have been so busy that I have not really had a chance to post. She loves it. She is going to Spring Baptist Church and there are 8 other kids in her class. She goes full days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I didn't get to take her on the first day of school, like I am sure most of the other mommies were able to do, but Todd did video walking her into class. She looked so cut with her Disney Princesses backpack and her black Siamese cat lunch bag. She comes home each night with one page of homework and gets 3 new site words each week. She is working on the letter T, learning her shapes, and her 3 site words this week are SEE, CAN, and I. I really want school to be a great experience for her. Something she can learn from and enjoy. I never could seem to do both of those after about 2nd grade until I reached college.

Delaney has been fine as far as being happy at Carmen's, though she did ask one morning to see Kaytlynn on the way to drop her off at Carmen's, but when she gets home, she is silently begging for attention with "dad, watch me do this, and mom watch what I can do." We clap and hoot and holler for her and it seems to be working, because it is lessening already!

Today is Saturday and Todd took them to work with him for about an hour and they had a good time playing hide and seek and running races. We even got a nap in today...and that is rare!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Six Flags

Todd, Kaytlynn, Delaney and I went up to Denton to my parent's house. We brought 2 friends of ours with us. Kim and Chris Gonzales. Kim is the music teacher at my school. Kim found out last Thursday that she was pregnant with their first child, so we decided to go celebrate at Six Flags since we all had a season pass and it was a 3 day weekend. We got their late Friday night and got settled. We went to Six Flags at about 1 on Saturday. We chose to ride the biggest Steel rollercoaster named The Titan. The first drop is the largest and it CLIMBS SLOWLY up the hill to get to the highest point. Kim looked over at Chris on the climb and says..."Do you think the baby will like this ride"? He didn't believe her until she had told him 3 times she wasn't kidding and then we dropped. It was terrific! He cried...he was so happy.
My mom watched the kids for us so we could ride the big rides with them.

Sunday we went again, but this time we just took Kaytlynn and Delaney around the park. They love going to Six they had an excellent time. That night we played with the Wii and also played spades and up and down the river. Lisa joined in on our up and down the river game and we ended up going to bed at 2:30. Can you say exhausted. I loved the weekend though. It was the youngest I have felt in a really long time.

We drove back on Monday and on the way stopped at the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana. Kim and Chris had never been there and I think they thought it was pretty neat. We bought a variety of cookies and are still enjoying them a week later!