Thursday, May 28, 2015

Liam is Sitting Up

Last week we were at a friends birthday party.  Liam was able to sit unassisted for about 30 seconds.  He smiled and smiled then wobbled over.  I told Kimmie that he would catch on quickly, and he proved me right.  It has only been a week and when he is fussy, you can prop him up on the floor and he will be happy for quite a bit.  He can now sit there for several minutes.  He falls over when he tries to turn around to look behind him, or when he tries to grab something too far out of his reach.  He really does think he is quite smart when he does this.  I am usually sad when he learns how to do something new.  And I am sad for me, but I think this is a really good thing for him.  He can be quite unhappy at times.  He reminds me a lot of Kaytlynn at this age.  She just wasn't happy until she was able to do things herself.  She didn't want to cuddle.  She wanted to play.  I think Liam will be exactly the same.  He likes being independent...I think he will even be happier when he is able to crawl or walk.

He also has cut his 2 bottom teeth.  He was a biter from the time he was born.  People would always ask, "Is he teething?"  I always said no, because my girls were both over a year old when they got their teeth.  But he kept biting and biting and biting.  He bit toys, fingers, pacifiers, boobs, anything he could get near his mouth.  I then thought that we would never know when he was actually teething since he is always so grumpy and because he is always biting.  And that is exactly how it worked out.  Kaytlynn was letting him bite her finger in the car.  She said she felt a tooth.  Then she said she saw one.  I kept asking if she was being silly or funny.  I still doubted her after she said she was telling the truth since she is a little joker.  But when we got home...his little tooth was just coming through the gums.  Very pointy and sharp.  2 days later...he had his second tooth come through.  So he now has his 2 bottom teeth and they are about halfway up.  

We have a jumping toy that is shaped like a horse.  You sit in it and then jump off the floor.  It has bungee cords that make it go up and down and makes cowboy noises.  Liam has sat in it for quite some time, but this past week he has really gotten it down.  He thinks that he is a real Smarty McSmarty when he sits there and jumps.

We are one week away from school being out and boy are we all ready for it!

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