Tuesday, May 5, 2015

3 Years of No Blogging...

Sooooo much can happen in 3 years.  I'm pretty sad and disappointed I haven't blogged more.  A ton of things have come and gone in the past 3 years and due to not blogging, I know I won't remember most of them.  I plan on going back to highlight some things that have happened that I still remember, but I can only do so much.  Blogger changed and with that so did my account.  Todd set up a new email and then forgot which one it was.  I was blocked out.  He put off figuring out and telling me what the code was until last year.  He wrote all the info on a post it note and placed it on the wall in the study.  When we repainted that wall in the fall...we don't know what happened to the sticky note...so I was stuck in the same position of not knowing the account information I needed to know.  But now I am back on track...lets see how long I can keep it up.

A lot of things have stayed the same...

We are still in the same house in Spring.  

Todd is still working at DHL, though he is now in a new position as a Key Account Manager, working exclusively with Baker Oil.  

I am still working as a part time librarian and a full time homeschooler.

My girls are still the light of my life.

We still attend Spring Baptist Church and go to Denton to visit my parents when we can. Todd still drives his Toyota Corolla and wishes he could play golf more. I still read and cross stitch.  The girls still play their instruments.  They still love riding bikes in the cul-de-sac with the Crenshaws.  They still giggle and play with each other and are still each others best friend.  

But a lot has changed.  Anyone that knows me, knows I have a heck of a time with change.  

 We have repainted almost the entire house.  

Todd and I have now entered our 5th decade.  We both turned 40 last year and yes...we feel it :-)

I had to get a new car...and boy was it an escapade.

My parents retired.

My sister got really sick.

I lost a favorite cousin of mine,  Buddy Canady.

We've gone on some fun road trips and learned how to jet ski.

My Father in Law got an autoimmune disease.

 Kaytlynn is now 12, and Delaney is right behind her at 11.  In that amount of time...both kids have gone from being in single digits, to being tweens.  it has truly thrown us for a loop.  They text with friends on their I-Touches.  They have sleep overs.  They listen to music constantly...changing their "favorite songs" each month...and playing them over and over again on a loop until something new finally gets their attention.  They are now in gymnastics. They go to Cotillions and Sock Hops and chess club and keep us in the car more often than not with their social activities. And talk about cute boys...Well, Kaytlynn does.  Delaney just giggles.  But still ... How the hell did that happen?  They both became Christians to our delight and great joy!  And perhaps the biggest change of all... they both became big sisters!!! 

That's right.  Todd and I had our sweet son, Liam.  I can't type out the changes he has brought.  Well, I can and will write about some of them...but there just aren't enough words or time to tell of everything he has brought into our lives.  But we are so happy he is here.

So the changes have been good...and bad.  I will do my best to revisit some of them.  

Ill close by saying my goal is to write at least once a week!  Until then...

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